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2013-03-28 20:24:25 by zenzen1997

I realize I have had this account for a while now,but I consider myself new.My brother Awesomeboy2000 has just recently brought my attention back to this site. I love to fulfill requests by drawing or animating, your choice. If you would, please request. I believe it makes me a better when people ask me to draw something. I am also very open for critiques on anything. you wont hurt my feelings. (/o 0 o)/


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2013-03-29 05:34:13

Hello there,welcome to Newgrounds(though it is not really that new)but it's great to see a newcomer here,so please enjoy your 'stay' here as it is a pretty cool place,so feel free to check it out and I hope to see your work soon!Bye for now.


2013-06-26 11:06:59

Try to draw something other than Sonic Recolors.


2013-07-26 19:48:53

@kisame You better not ask my sis for buttsecks like you did to me you homo.


2013-07-26 21:16:47

@Awesomeboy2000 Just for that, I will.


2013-07-26 21:28:56

@kisame FAQ


2013-07-26 23:09:53

@Awesomeboy2000 Nopony likes a homophobe.


2013-07-27 00:05:25

@kisame So, you watch MLP? That's kinda homo bro. But wait it doesn't surprise me.


2013-07-27 01:43:20

@Awesomeboy2000 So, What's it like in that closet?


2013-07-27 01:45:28

@kisame Oh, don't worry I have a girlfriend. And I also don't have a closet.


2013-10-20 00:17:26

I look back on the conversation below me now and I think, "Man, what were we rambling on about?" XD